LONDON MIXTURE - 50g Tin Quick View


A medium cut matured Virginia and Oriental tobacco (soft and mellow flavour).
66.00 SR
APERETIF - 50g Tin Quick View

APERETIF - 50g Tin

A complex blend of Virginias, cavendish, Latakia and Oriental Leaf. The name 'Aperitif' suggests this well balanced medium mixture should be enjoyed prior to...
66.00 SR
EARLY MORNING PIPE - 50g x 3  Tins pack Quick View

EARLY MORNING PIPE - 50g x 3 Tins pack

Sweet Oriental carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Packaging : x3 Tins Pack.
196.00 SR
7 Seas Tobacco- Regular Quick View

7 Seas Tobacco- Regular

Black Cavendish and golden burleys. A soft and exceptionally mellow smoke. A Delightful, aromatic taste. A true pleasure journey.
60.00 SR
Vanilla Loose Cut Quick View

Vanilla Loose Cut

Mac Baren Vanilla Cream is a colorful blend mixed with cut plugs. Manufactured from specially selected and aged Virginia and mild black Cavendish tobaccos....
99.00 SR
Three Nuns Quick View

Three Nuns

A blend of dark fired and sun cured tobaccos mixed with the finest Brazilian Lights to produce the unique flavor and mellow smoking characteristics...
197.80 SR
DURBAR - 50g Tin Quick View

DURBAR - 50g Tin

This blend contains a high proportion of Oriental leaf, Virginia and latakia. It is a broad cut mixture, giving rich body, but has a...
66.00 SR


Truly a luxurious pipe tobacco. Virginias are carefully conditioned to insure sweetness. They are added to rich, heavier and cooler Virginias. A unique flavor...
66.00 SR
STANDARD MIXTURE - 50g Tin Quick View


An English blend, the Dunhill Standard Mixture is a combination of delicious Latakia, Oriental and Virginia tobaccos. It is a medium bodied smoke with...
66.00 SR
NIGHTCAP - 50g Tin Quick View

NIGHTCAP - 50g Tin

The Dunhill Nightcap is a well-balanced, full body smoke made with Latakia, Perique, Oriental and Virginia tobaccos. This English style blend is peppery yet...
66.00 SR
Aromatic Choice Quick View

Aromatic Choice

The tobacco is a loose cut blend of golden Virginia, the modern Mac Baren cavendish, and it is smoothed-out with a unique burley. The...
87.00 SR
Amphora Full Aroma Quick View

Amphora Full Aroma

Centuries of tobacco craftmanship go into Amphora Full. In addition to the Virginia tobaccos an exact amount of burley and Oriental tobaccos from three...
99.00 SR
Amphora Black Cavendish Quick View

Amphora Black Cavendish

Black Cavendish is a rich superior blend of the finest double fermented dark and spicy tobaccos. Blended for the connoisseur. Finest Virginia tobaccos are...
94,001.00 SR
Amphora Rich Aroma Quick View

Amphora Rich Aroma

Toasted burley tobacco complemented with a hint of hazelnut for a rich rounded flavour.
99.00 SR
Gold Block Quick View

Gold Block

An aromatic blend of bright Virginia and rich burley tobaccos. Finest quality leaf for a subtle smoke.
101.00 SR
Capstan Gold Flake Quick View

Capstan Gold Flake

A blend of carefully selected Virginia tobaccos with a natural aroma enhanced by a subtle flavor.
177.10 SR
Capstan Gold Ready Rubbed Quick View

Capstan Gold Ready Rubbed

A light, bright flake of famous refinement and antiquarian origins, here in ready rubbed form, Capstan Gold, like its medium bodied Blue sibling, was...
177.10 SR
Capstan Original Flake Quick View

Capstan Original Flake

A medium to mild blend of carefully selected Virginia tobaccos with a natural aroma.
177.10 SR

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